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Tribute to Meow Monday

Welcome to my tribute to Meow Monday. If you don’t know what that is, I’m happy to enlighten you! Meow Monday is a post that one of my favorite favorite favorite food bloggers posts over on her page every Monday, and it’s also one I look forward to. If you haven’t seen it, you really should go check out Stephanie’s blog, Plain Chicken, and not just for the cats, but check out her recipes while you’re there! I’ve made quite a few and they never disappoint. Before you go though, I’d like you to meet Steve!

Monday’s are such a mess for me. Normally I’m rushed all day mostly grocery shopping, and then getting home in time for hungry kids looking for dinner. When it finally comes time to relax, or if you need a laugh, or both, this cat is ready to provide!

Steve is a rescued kitty, and only about a year old. So he’s got a lot of foolishness in him. Not just foolishness though, he’s very lovable. He loves being picked up and cuddled. Steve had a very rough start to life. When he was just a baby kitten, he was found by our Veterinarian’s mom, who rescues animals. Poor Steve had a broken back leg. Although he was going to mend and be good as new, he still didn’t have a home.

My family and I had just lost a beautiful all black kitty we named Schrodinger. We unfortunately had to make a tough decision to have her put down because she had cancer and we had exhausted all avenues of helping her get better. Needless to say we were all devastated. It was just shy of her 2nd birthday. Seemed quite unfair. But not long afterwards, our Veterinarian called us about Steve. We were happy to take him in as soon as he was able to go to his forever home.

As you can see, he made himself quite at home, on any surface he felt necessary. Don’t worry, I always wipe down counters and the table before preparing food or serving food. LOL You never know where Steve has been!

Also, as you can see, Steve is always ready to provide some laughs. Due to his having a broken leg when he was real young, he seems to still favor that one leg, and because of this, well, this is how he sits.

Always providing us with plenty of laughs, annoying the dog (Fritz) as well as the other kitty (Patches), and always ready cuddle and purr. Steve is a real gem of the household.


National Autism Awareness Month

Welcome friends to My Blissful Mess!

You know, honestly, I thought coming up with my very first post was going to be difficult. I wanted it to be something important. Something of a little story about myself I can share, yet inspiring, and informative. Then it struck me! It’s April! April is Autism Awareness month! “Wow, how does that effect you”, you may be asking yourself? Well, my youngest boy Joseph is Autistic and  he’s 5 years old. His diagnosis did not come to us right away. Of course not, it took a couple of doctors and a few therapists to finally figure out what was going on with our boy. He went from a very smiley, cuddly, happy baby boy, to a “please don’t hug me, there’s too much going on, and I’m very upset” boy within about the time he was 7 or 8 months old. He stopped eating solid foods, he was slow to start walking, and to this day, he is non-verbal.


How do we deal with it? Well, it was heartbreaking to watch such a cuddly little baby turn into what looked like an anti-social individual, and then to be told he had a “behavioral and sensory disorder” instead of calling it what it was, Autism. Without that diagnosis, there wasn’t much we could do for him. It wasn’t until our move to Indiana, where we met his new doctor, who by the way is NEVER allowed to retire, he’s just too wonderful, finally diagnosed him without hesitation. Suddenly there were doors open to Joe that were never there before, and much to my amazement, the public schools here have all the therapists he needs, plus of course he gets the interaction with his classmates thanks to the special education program. Thanks to the school, therapists, teachers, and doctor, my boy is getting the help he needs and is making great progress. He loves school, he’s all smiles all the time, and he’s such an incredibly sweet boy.


This is why Autism Awareness is so important. More people, including doctors and schools, anyone in early childhood development and public service need more education, and need to be more aware of this condition. This way, more kids can get the help they need. As parents, we especially need to be aware. If my husband and I hadn’t been, who would have been the voice for Joe?

In conclusion, to show your support, light up your porch with a blue light! A simple way to show your support this month for Autism Awareness. For more information on Autism or to find other ways to show support, please visit The National Autism Association.